Baby Girl Names From Fairy Tales

The number one name for a baby girl is Emma. The name Emma is a German-based name which means All-containing, whole, strong, and universal. This name is popularly used in German, English, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Catalan, and Armenian speaking countries.

Bronzlyn is a definitely a one-of-a kind baby girl’s name. It’s elegant, but strong. You can also spell it “Bronzlynne” or “Brozlyn.” It is similar to the name “Bronlyn”, which can be read about here.

Some cultures have a specific mode of naming. For example, the first born baby boy is named after his father’s father. That means that if you are in such a tribe and you are conservative, you do not have to really look wide for baby boy names. Such tribes also have defined modes of giving girly names.

One of the step sisters off of the Disney cartoon, Cinderella is who inspired this name. Anastasia finds it’s origin in Greece. The meaning for this name is the one who is resurrected.

Often religion plays a role in making the final decision among baby names. Certain religions have specific expectations regarding the birth of children into the faith. If you are active in your faith, it would be wise to investigate what your religious teachings have to say about naming children.

Generally speaking, very long surnames are best paired with smaller first names and vice-versa. Keep in mind, you child will probably need to write down the name on every sheet of paper they submit through out their life. Take pity on them in case that their last name already contains greater than 8 albhabets.

There are many great baby names for girls beginning with “D.” Even though there are no baby names beginning with this letter on the top 100 baby names list for girls in 2009, there are plenty of options. Whether you choose a unisex name, an ultra-trendy name or a unique name, there are many great choices for a baby girl.

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Baby Girl Names From Fairy Tales

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