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Lots of marketers, when they first start out, don’t have a lot of money to put into their marketing. They also don’t have the resources, time or skill to create their own products and services. So they resort to affiliate marketing. The problem they run into is that they don’t have the cash to put into a big advertising campaign. Well, this article is going to show you how to do affiliate marketing on the cheap, or close to free, and still make quite a few sales out of the deal.

Another example given by one of them is selling Ebooks. He has a passion for bass wordpress blogs fishing and knows a lot how to fish. He writes a small report explaining how to catch a specific type of fish, and then sell it for less than 10 bucks in his website. Again, he promotes his website online with the advantage of cheap prices.

I don’t know about you, but I like to know if my efforts are paying off, so I track my traffic. You should wordpress blog design be doing the same. I use a tracking code on my landing page. It returns the link and the site the visitor came from.

The really sad part is that by the time the owners of the blog were able to correct the wordpress attack and hack they had lost approximately $700 in sale that day alone. What’s worse is that here we are exactly a week later and they are still working on repairing the damage done to their static websites.

wordpress : WordPress is the best blogging platform to use and this is what I use to create my blogs. It is a very easy to use platform that allows you to add posts, pages, themes, plugins, advertisements and other content at will. Use the self hosted WordPress bloggen platform as opposed to the free version as this version doesn’t allow any advertisements or any monetisation. The free version doesn’t give you any control as your blog will still belong to them and not you. This is why a self hosted i.e. (paid) version is required to give you the leverage that you will need to do what you wish with your WordPress blog.

Five: Because it is free to use is one of the main reasons why wordpress is the best blogging platform. All you have to do is to download it and then upload it to your webhosting. What could be simpler than that?

WordPress blogs can be used to collect together a group of like-minded individuals to share their common interests or goals. Blogs can be used to gauge and change popular opinion. If you have a particular cause or favourite charity you can use your blog to talk about upcoming events or critical issues.

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Blogging For Success – Hosting Your Own Blog

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