Expedition Everest: Disney World’s Newest Rollercoaster Is Their Best Ride Ever

When my wife and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon in October 2005, they were still working on a new ride at Animal Kingdom. It would soon open up under the name of Expedition Everest, and it’s one of the main attractions at that park. The ride is a roller coaster that takes you through Mount Everest, and the iconic mountains stand very tall and visible inside of Animal Kingdom.

One day admission to Cedar Point is $45.99 for adults and $19.99 for children under 48″ tall. They offer ticket packages for more than one day or if you stay at the Cedar Point Resort. Soak City is Cedar Point’s water park which can be included with your park admission.

My family animatronic dinosaur suppliers loves to take a leisurely stroll down the length of Coney Mall at Kings Island an old fashioned area dedicated to classic carnival rides arcades and gotta-win-it games. One thing we we never fond of was the tar underfoot. There was nothing worse than trying to down a fresh Subway sandwich while inhaling the stink of the black pavement on a hot day!

Six Flags will now remove all the Terminator robots and re-shoot the sequence to match the new Apocalypse theme. The coaster will officially no longer be Terminator: Salvation and bear its new name as of January 8, 2011.

And be sure to go to St. Mark’s Square at 6 or 10 p.m. for a free concert. The Venetian Trio performs An Evening of Musical Elegance for all to enjoy. Some guests choose to dine nearby, getting dinner and a show.

For older boys, age eight to about twelve, Roboraptor just might fit the bill. The realistic robotic toy has a remote control for realistic action. The life-like animated remote control motion lets Roboraptor walks dinosaur style while shooting red rays from his infrared eyes. His multiple body sensors make it appear as though he can hear, see, and even feel things around him. He retails for around $50.

Kalahari Resort is a great three day getaway any time of year. The indoor water park is great when it’s cold out or on a rainy summer day. Kalahari’s outdoor water park features activity pools, hot tubs, dry play, expanded sun deck, sand volleyball courts, and shuffleboard courts.

As I said earlier in this article, these opinions are strictly my own. The winners might be quite different in your own personal compeition. But if you’ve never tried Universal on your Orlando getaways, maybe this will spark you to give it a go next time you’re in town. If you’re a local, maybe it will lead you to expand your horizons.