Facebook – Do We Need It? Why?

Mar 21,2012 You know your smartphone is doing well when 4 million people buy it in the first weekend and it temporarily sells out on all three of your carrier partners.

Once you have a dish in mind, take a photo using instadp or any camera and post the photos on Allens many social networking sites. The more veggie used the better.

One of the chief complaints people have about the screen in the iPhone 4S is that it’s the same size as the original iPhone’s: 3.5 inches. But what many don’t realize is that this LCD’s resolution is higher than the vast majority of Android phones. The display is not only crisper but brighter than most of the Android competition.

For some boomers, technology is a mystery best left to our children and grandchildren. Many of us can program our watches, DVDs and coffee makers but are less confident when it comes to newer technology. Others among us have embraced technology willingly, quickly learning all that we can about the newest of what my dad would call gizmos and gadgets.

Ever since In Touch came out with their cover story about “The Bachelorette” 2013 couple being on the rocks, fans have been wondering if the rumors are true or not. On Aug. 27, Astrochicks reported that Desiree Hartsock herself has tweeted some information about whether her and Chris Siegfried are still in love or if they are going their separate ways.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are doing just fine no matter what other sources might say about them. On April 14, Sean went to Twitter to share a picture of the two and what they did tonight. Things look great between them.

Entertainment- Having the proper entertainment is key to throwing a proper party. Bring in professional dancers to make a statement. Have some games like dance offs and giveaways to keep the kids having fun all night long.

So what is next to be shared? Youtube already has videos down. If you guessed gifs or mini-movies, you are correct. The new thing in social media is Vine. Here you can make a looping video clip of whatever you want and share it with people on other social networks. Lots of creativity found in this little app/social network. I recommend it for the aspiring mini-director artistic person in you.

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