Free Printable Wedding Music And Checklists

More than most factors, music can shape the mood of your wedding service and reception in a really big way. This is particularly so with string quartet and instrumental ensemble music.

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It is the delightful heavy backbeat of Caribbean music that gives it enormous appeal. In fact, this kind of music started as a way of communication between the slaves on the West Indies who used either a bottle and spoon or drums to get messages across. Eventually large steel oil drums were used to make steel pans. What we now know as Reggae, Calypso, Soca and Latin Jazz, has its origin in these humble beginnings. The music that puts a smile on people’s faces began in Trinidad. The plantation workers, many of them from India and Africa sang songs from their home country. These diverse sounds eventually merged together. The synthesis of Indian, African and native rhythms was responsible for the creation of the very popular salsa, the exotic zouk and the punta.

Search for localized live wedding bands in your location. Find out if there are any top-notch wedding ensemble bands in your neighborhood. You can actually reduce expenses by choosing a local live wedding cover band instead of going for a band that is required to fly in. Traveling expenditures could easily double what you would spend on the live wedding cover band.

There are plenty of fantastic vocalists and instrumentalists in your area. Local high schools and colleges are loaded with such people. These people would love to have the opportunity to perform at your wedding, and they’ll do so at a very reasonable cost. The best way to find these people is to place a call to your local high school or college music director. He or she will likely have several people they can recommend to you. Or ask them to post a notice on their bulletin board, asking for their students to call you to arrange an audition.

#3 The decorations of your venue is another thing you can consider when you are planning a wedding on a budget. Again, you can save money by doing it yourself. You can try to search for the materials from your local stores. You may even be able to find the materials for the decorations from the department stores. This will help you to save even more money.

Consider adding to sing during your wedding ceremony at a church organist from the choir anthems such an essence of ease among the guests and the bride and groom may have followed.

At Reception, choose a great song to walk in on when announced to the guests. Married couple must choose their first dance song which can be slow and romantic or wild and crazy. This is their “special” song. Live DJ’d music is a plus especially if the DJ has good talking skills. This can keep the reception exciting and guests will have a great time, a time remembered for years to come. A nice touch is a song dedicated to the families of the Bride and Groom by the Bride and Groom.