Nonprofit Fund Raising – Make A Friend Or Two

My husband is not typically a guy who shows his emotions readily, but when I recently used the phrase “it is what it is” to describe a situation he spoke up – loud and clear. “I hate that phrase”, he said. “Too often it is used by people who are too lazy to know what it is and turn it into what it should be.” Unfortunately for my husband, he gets this a lot in his line of work from employees who simply do not want to tackle a difficult situation.

I write a lot about nonprofit jobs, and I have gotten a lot of good feedback about it, and people are generally intrigued about the opportunity to working at a non profit organizations in flint michigan. However, a lot of people still wonder why they should want to work at a nonprofit. Yes, they know all about the specific salary benefits, and all that good stuff; but as we all know, there is more to a job than the amount of money it pays. In order to really enjoy the job that you work at, it needs to provide a good atmosphere, keep you busy, and (most importantly of all) keep you motivated. And on those fronts, not for profit jobs deliver on all counts.

Prevent the Bite is a charitable non profit organization that works to prevent bites, especially to children. Their resources are available here. Many schools in our area have now instituted bite prevention programs.

The Lane Spa staff and other local business’s graciously donated 41 complimentary spa services, spa retail products, restaurant gift certificates and more that were raffled off to guests in attendance.

I love being a light to those who need it. I’m thankful to God for a solid foundation that was grounded in me by my parents. They taught me to believe in myself because there’s nothing I can’t do with God on my side. I’m thankful for their deposit in my life, along with my other siblings.

Klose’s discs are filled with smart, clean pop-rock marked with pastiches of reggae, bluegrass, and Zydeco. When it comes to intriguing sounds, he doesn’t discount any instrument before giving it a try.

There is often news (often controversial) about animals in the media daily, so we shake our heads each time we come across those who just don’t understand the importance of animals in our lives. Whether it is a media story, or an observation in your own neighborhood or home, animals are a focal point of life and we will always strive to earn their respect and love as we stand together with them cradled in our arms.