Top 5 Answers For Your Excessive Hair Loss Problems

The ultimate solution to hair loss is not a hair growth shampoo or a hair transplant procedure. The problem can actually be addressed by one’s level of awareness about their condition. Unfortunately, not all people understand why hair loss occurs and what causes it. As a matter of fact, even doctors have a faint idea about it and so they are studying the matter on a continued basis.

The idea of non surgical hair transplants is gaining much popularity these days. But there is really no such thing as a ‘non surgical hair transplant’. What people actually mean by ‘non surgical’ is that the donor hair is no longer excised in the form of a strip, leaving a big wound. The latest method of harvesting hair follicles from the back of your head, is by extracting them individually.

One of the biggest advantages with a What Is Hair Transplant ation is that is permanent. Contrary to other popular hair restoration techniques, you don’t have to stay on prescription drugs for the rest of your life or cover your scalp in ointment twice a day. The hair used in a hair transplant is from your own body. Once the hair transplants are finished, no follow up procedures or continued treatments are required.

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Increasing the blood supply to your scalp may cure hair loss, at the least it will de stress your body. Head massage improves blood flow to the scalp, where there are lots of nerve endings. Rubbing your head in massage releases the feel good hormones called serotonin and dopamine.

Past Medical Report: If there is any serious disease in your past medical report than the doctor may consider this as the reason of the hair-falling. So he will do your treatment carefully. He can suggest you some medicines and relevant tests. So the cost will be more.

The most drastic frontal baldness treatment you can choose is a frontal hair transplant. What is this? Well, what they do is cut a patch of skin off the back of your head that has hair growing on it. They then stitch that up, leaving a thin scar that is not visible as long as you don’t shave your head. They then take that patch of hair and surgically implant it onto the front of your head where the frontal baldness is occurring.

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