Why Are Airbags And Seat Belts So Important?

It’s tragic, senseless, and utterly stupid that people have died and been seriously injured due to the negligence, ignorance, and laziness of untrained or uncaring glass technicians. And there’s no shortage of those. This article will attempt to teach you how to protect yourself from unqualified repairmen.

Air conditioning is standard. Both the driver side and passenger side feature door bins and vanity mirrors. The back seat features beverage holders, an armrest, and a split rear seat for easy stowing. There is 43.6″ of leg room in the front and 33.9″ in the rear making this car comfortable for travel. The sound system has 6 speakers with CD player, MP3 capability, FM/AM radio along with wireless connectivity. Front reading lights, compass, tachometer, tire pressure indicator, large wiper with rear window defroster are some the other features of this car.

The harness straps are available in two different types. One is called a 3-point harness. This harness is fitted over each shoulder and between the legs. The second is called a 5-point harness and fits over each shoulder and across each hip and between the legs.

You child could be seriously injured and/or killed, even from just a very minor fender bender. The Inflatable Air Dancer could be released and cause significant brain damage (and eventually death), as it happened to a mother in Spokane, Washington. Read more about it here. Here is another article about a similar case.

Ford outfits C-Max with a 13.5-gallon fuel tank. That gives this vehicle a range of 634 miles, putting some serious distance between service station visits. C-Max takes regular grade gasoline and can take you from Denver to Kansas City on one tank of fuel.

The vehicle you drive can save your life. Small cars have smaller crumple zones. I know, personally, gas prices high or low, I want the biggest vehicle I can handle. Being in a large car has saved my life and each time I upgraded to even larger cars. I now have a white Suburban. With a push bar. The push bar gives me a few more inches, prevents some of the damage a front end collision would incur and makes me feel safer. A light colored or white car is far more visible than a dark or black car. Especially at dusk or at night.

If you are looking for a car that’s great on gas, roomy, comfortable and has lots of power, then check out the new 2007 Chevy Malibu! The 2007 Chevy Malibu will definitely meet or beat your expectations!

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