Working From Home Is Like Being In Heaven

What is prosperity? For a businessman, it is the state of being prosperous in their business. For most people, it is more on material well-being or becoming rich. In general it refers to success.

The worst thing that you can do is send a steady stream of texts letting him know that you love him, are thinking about him, and hoping that he is ok. That will actually add to his stress and make him go deeper into himself- thus pushing you away even farther.

Obama is being lambasted by the suddenly gun loving Hilary Clinton for his naked honesty about bitter small town whites who take comfort in church and guns. Hell that is one of the most powerful demographics America has. Gun lovers and church going fundamentalists put the fear of organized lobbyists in every American politician, if Education had that much support, and I mean real Education, not teacher’s unions, we would actually have kids learning something of value in our schools, in fact we might even have a kinder, gentler nation, promised so many years ago, by who? I can’t remember. But whoever it was I am sure raised wonderful thoughtful, compassionate children who are making a profound difference on the evolution of mankind.

Have a plan – Read the brochure and the website thoroughly and select the programs that are most meaningful you. But, it’s a good idea to throw in a few programs that you wouldn’t typically go to. I do this for two reasons. One, you may get great information from a different perspective that you could apply to your field in a fresh way. Second, after the third program about the same general topic, you’re bound to get some redundancy. It’s not like the presenters are working together to create one long progressive presentation. The conference organizers typically try to prevent too much overlap, but it’s not an exact science.

The second option for younger people is to ask an adult to become their co-signer, which means that the co-signer shares responsibility with a young consumer. By co-signing, the person agrees to pay back the money if the young one is unable to.

Learn your own strengths, then fill in the gaps. You may be a friendly, outgoing person that others flock to or a great intellect who knows how to sell ideas, but you may need to be more well rounded to be considered a leader. Even if your boss or other colleagues don’t offer you direction, you need to assess you own skills and seek assessment from others so you can work on other skills to help you. For example, you might find yourself a bit unorganizated, not good at making decisions, or need help with conflict resolution – things usually in the leader’s bag of tricks. You can develop in these areas.

Do: Create a Workspace – When you have a home business, it can become easy to work anywhere and everywhere in your home. However, if you have your own workspace you will find that you are much more organized and function better. The more efficient you are the more effective you are…making you much more successful.

The bottom line is avoiding a point in your career in which teacher and student are at total opposite ends of the comprehension spectrum from each other. Even 30 years from now I want to be able to understand where my student is coming from, to know their likes and dislikes, and to see what kind of influences exist that react positively and negatively on a child’s mind. Staying in a youthful frame of mind cannot hurt in preparing children to join you in the complex world of adulthood.

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