3 Essential Features Which Can Make Leaflet Distribution A Success

So…I’m looking through my awstats like I do at least once a day. I have always found server logs to be full of useful information, and it’s important to try to glean as much as you can about your visitors from reading them.

I will post 3 to 5 posts per day in the four major forums in my niche. Mine are Warrior Forum (woot woot), V7N, Internet Marketing Forums, and Digital Point. I will post in the hot threads whenever I can. I will also post only RELEVANT content to the thread. No ‘me too’ or ‘here here’ or ‘i agree’ posts. Something that people will get value out of and actually be able to use. I will contribute to the conversation.

By this time you already know a lot about the company and how they are going to do the job. Now its time to ask how do they make sure the job is done. How do they make sure what are promising to you is actually done in reality also. Almost all companies have back checking systems. Some companies have really good systems and some don’t but its very important that you ask them about it.

Going back to the article, what do you write about? You could offer a tip each time-just a few sentences or a paragraph around your expertise; again, something valuable to your target market. And if writing is not your thing, try doing an audio tip, or even a video. Again, ideally an article written by you is best, but don’t let that stop you if that’s not something you want to do right now. You can get creative and offer something else. There are many options out there, and people like different things, just find something that appeals to you and try it.

This type of leaflet printing involves giving out the flyer to the targeted customers solely on its own. There are no other leaflets given along with it and neither is it given with the newspaper. It is handed out directly to the potential customer. This method can be very effective as the flyer enjoys the sole attention of the recipient. There are no other distractions, which mean that the person might actually read the flyer and be influenced by it to visit your shop or website. Flyers are usually given away according to postcode sectors or may also be given in the street level. This method is a bit expensive, but since you have a better chance of success, it is worthwhile to consider it.

Online press releases allow you to talk directly to your target market. You can develop your press release to appeal specifically to those clients you wish to attract. You have control over what and when you publish.

You can set up an account with a mass email distribution service like iContact, MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact. This type of service will allow you to add people to your list at the rate that you choose. You could add one new person to your email list per week. Or, you might start to feel confident and decide to start adding a large number of subscribers. Regardless, if you simply take the first step and send the first email, you will find your motivation a tad bit stronger than it was yesterday.

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