Financial Success: 7 Proven Strategies To Prevent Financial Self-Sabotage

That issue is, “Political Corruption.” For some strange reason I can’t think of one elected member of our Government who isn’t guilty of some form of, “Political Corruption.” It doesn’t matter how trivial it might be. The truth is, those people who we trust to insure our well being aren’t doing anything important for us. Why?

Of course, not every book was worth reading, but there amid the half-price bins of castoffs and renderings I found nuggets, tapestries, new worlds, and wonders. Many of the authors had taken on subjects that no one else wanted to deal with, or had taken a different approach, or simply did not write the way everybody else did. It was a little bit like being back in Germany in the 60’s.

You can’t do big business until you’ve done the small talk. Talk about their outside interests and hobbies, their holidays and travel, their views on general financial matters and current events, their home and surroundings. Be careful about talking about their family and connections until you have start building rapport. You often find that within five minutes you have something in common on which to build an interesting and useful conversation.

I fooled ’em. Instead of letting them draft me for two years, I enlisted in the U. S. Army for four. Let me see. How did that go again? I was only going to have to serve four years doing it my way instead of two…wait a minute!

A common example I have is clients who want to change over from second tier lenders to bank lenders to take advantage of lower interest rates offered by banks now. They agree to do it and then they look at the paperwork required by the bank (invariably they are going from low doc to full doc loans) and they say to themselves “Oh my God, that’ll take me a week to put together – half of it is with the small business tax accountants. The other half is somewhere in storage.” Okay I’ll start tomorrow. A few days later they start but have to follow up other things then the accountant doesn’t get back to them and they start to look for excuses “Why am I even doing this?I doubt I’ll qualify anyway” and they put it in the too hard basket and lose another month or two. All because they couldn’t decide, commit and act.

Now they are not easy to find. There might be 1 or 2 in Australia, there might be 3 or 5 in the U.S.A. that can really make a serious difference to your business and provide enormous value. So then you start compromising. On fees, on results! And once you start compromising, you become the place where they can practice their ideas on and you are paying for it. This is where the decision needs to be made.

The reason is that business owners are independent types and challenges are rewarding when met and faced. Saving money through every day operations will help the business owner to meet their financial and emotional goals.

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