Finding Work As A Process Server

A process server comes in contact with different people every day, often having to travel all over town to do so. This gives screenwriters free range to create mishaps and hilarious scenarios for their character (the process server) to face.

The cost of service of process depends upon the number of known adult occupants living at the premises. Every known adult occupant must be named in the lawsuit and served with it regardless of whether he signed, or is listed as a tenant on, the lease. In a typical case where there are two known adult occupants (the husband and wife or unmarried couple), you can expect the process serving charges to total $140.00. Therefore, in the most common case (rent amount $10,000.00 or less, two known adult occupants), the filing fee and service of process charges will total $360.00.

Well, let me put your fears to rest. Let me tell you, you will be getting sued. But let me also tell you that it may be the best thing that happens to you.

The Process Server 101 does not personally care why you are being sued or what led you to become involved in a law suite in the first place. His job is to simply take the papers issued by the courts and hand deliver them to you.

6) In some Counties, the Sheriff does bank levies for you. In this case, all you need is the original and the copies of the writ, a signed Sheriff letter, and a check to the sheriff for $30.

As quick as I’d fallen asleep, I was startled awake! Gasping in fear, I sat up to listen, straining to hear over deafening throbs of my own accelerated heart beats. I paused-in-wait, frantically searching for the slightest audible confirmations. Groping through an array of possible scenarios, the only explanation I had was waking to a mild earthquake, commonplace in California.

What if you can’t do without the monthly income that the 25% maximum garnishment represents. There are ways to keep that from occurring, also. However, that requires consultation with a professional to determine what the best approach is for the specific situation. If this is of interest to you, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to recommend several individuals who will be willing to talk to you for no cost.

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Finding Work As A Process Server

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