Gmail Down Sept.1 May Affect Universities

Email, everyone’s dream and everyone’s curse. If you have anything to do with any business, then you will need an email account. If you have anything to do with an internet business you will need a bucket full of email accounts. What should you use? How do you manage them? And how do you protect yourself?

Create An “I Love This” Folder– Where you save interesting emails that will take some time to review (lots of time equals more than 2 minutes!!)…they usually have audio or video attached. Things you feel you simply must know. Schedule (notice a theme here) one day a week to review everything. It’s something I usually do on a Friday or Sunday night. Pick a time that best works for you and do it as a ritual. Woohoo make it fun!

That pesky browser that has been giving you problems. If you find your account reloading often try clearing your cookies and cache underneath of your tools icon on your browser that is giving you problems.

This week I received two more notices, as always a slight annoyance but nothing more than that. They have all originated in the SW United States. Basically New Mexico’s western border and south of the northern border of Arizona and west, I have basically ignored them as children playing. However this week things changed.

Nowadays many company owners are coming to online freelancing websites and they use these sites to post online jobs. After they post these online jobs like creation of 100 Buy Old Gmail Accounts in 5 days and budget of US$, job seekers like me, place bids on these online jobs (projects). One person offer to do that project for $100 other say, $95, may be other offer $90 and so on. Now it’s up to the creator of the project to choose a winner among all job seekers. The job provider may communicate with you while evaluating your bid and if he likes your bid then award the job to you. He may give you some advance or pay you after the completion of the job.

On of the simplest tools Google has ever come up with will put enough mail into your email box with current topics that are relevant and related to your chosen keywords. In fact you should be very careful with this tool as you can easily overwhelm yourself.

But will this happen? It’s doubtful. Other companies usually try to compete with Apple by making something that’s “like an Apple product, but cheaper;” or “like an Apple product, but packed with features that few people use.” And that’s not a winning strategy, because Apple dominates every market they try to compete in. They don’t own the PC market, but they do own the market for machines that cost more than $1,000 US. And they don’t own the DVR market, either, but one gets the impression that they haven’t really tried to do much with the Apple TV. Maybe they’re trying to get people to watch TV on their iPhones instead.

Gmail accounts are free and also have excellent spam filtering. If you need a second personal email account of if you want to switch your primary email to another provider and not have worry about whether you can send and receive email on a certain network, Gmail is an excellent choice.

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