Halloween Board Games

Head down to the Seattle Center this weekend for the Bite of Seattle 2009. The festival hours are July 17 & 18, 11am – 9pm and July 19, 11am – 8pm. Not only is admission free, but there is plenty of other free stuff to be found at this must do summer event.

No one could nab handsome, in-demand, Internazionale defender Christian Chivu. That is, until Adelina came along. Yes, other women have tried and failed but the Romanian model and TV personality got the job done. It is said she has a sorted past, and was an owner of a striptease club. (See photos here).

The Blues versus the Wild has the makings of a low scoring affair. However, there is a chance Chris Mason might need the night off for this one, and if so that could change. Just something to keep an eye on. I still wouldn’t expect that much scoring from these two teams. David Backes and Andy McDonald are pretty good spot starts from St. Louis, and Pierre Marc-Bouchard and Owen Nolan are worth playing from Minnesota.

Fresno State’s is producing 397 yards per game and puts the Bulldogs at 44th in the nation in total offense, including 4th in the WAC in that same category. Interestingly enough, FSU is the nation’s 5th highest scoring team thanks to one of the best special teams units in the country.

If you can reach out to your child before they get so entrenched that you have little or no influence, then you can engage them in activities that will stimulate them just as video cdkeys do while accomplishing a few key elements.

Model building is a fun way to occupy your mind if you find yourself with nothing to do. You can find them in many different stores; typically, a person would find them in a craft or hobby shop. What you do is choose which level of difficulty you would like to try, take it home and follow the instructions step by step until you have made yourself a replica of something you enjoy. You can find many different types of models such as cars, boats, planes, and several other vehicular structures.

Ole Miss knows their defense shows up each week. The question is how will Snead and the offensive line perform? Let’s just hope the Snead of November 2008 returns. God knows we need him.

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