Latest Nokia Mobile Phones In Uk

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Well, taking its look initial, the Nokia 6260 Slide is incredibly fashionable and extremely compact. Developed to attraction to people of each genders for company and individual use, it is accessible in two colors – silver and black – and is so nicely designed and trim that it is difficult to function out how all of the latest 3G technologies fits in there. As such, it feels great and fits well in your hand. It is a slide telephone and the mechanism seems to work incredibly well, being extremely smooth and simple to use. Fans of other effective Nokia slide phones will definitely want the Nokia 6260 Slide!

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LG Gu230’s regular Li-Ion 900 mAh battery ensures 9 hours of speak time and 580 hours of standby time and internally there is only 6MB of memory space but the good information is that there is a MicroSD card slot as nicely.

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