Website Vs Blog – Which Is Easier And Cheaper To Setup

What is Massive Passive Profits? It’s a mass deploy auto blogging format that automates the creation of WordPress multiuser sites and content. WordPress multi-user platform saves time and effort of logging in and out of and maintaining multiple blogs. You are free to point and click to create and launch new blogs on the fly.

Blogger will be the weblog service of Google and it’s certainly one of the very best from the best websites to write blog. You can setup as numerous blogs as you would like. Because it’s personal by Google, it is to get indexed provided which you write a great weblog. Blogger also allows you to add much more codes like Google ad sense code that is very helpful for creating cash.

These are not wrong in themselves as I have personally written some myself. But if you do not understand the fundamental principles about businesses on online you will fail and loose your hard earned cash too.

When a visitor finds you through a Search Engine like Google (or Yahoo! Search or Windows Live), think of how smart s/he feels. After all, s/he found you. You didn’t advertise (actually, once you build traffic, you can sell advertising!). All that remains is for you to OVERdeliver — PREsell!

Add your Twitter RSS link to your header. Broadcasting an RSS feed gets your message out automatically to more people for more visibility. Adding a Vidare till wordpress bloggen nu plug-in like Add Twitter RSS adds an RSS button to your blog header. Your readers can easily find your feed and start following you.

Of course there are times First Class fails. One such instance was a recent flight on USAir to Philadelphia. It was a morning trip and I ordered an omelet. When the flight attendant brought me my tray it had cereal and fruit. “I didn’t order this,” I explained. To wit she nastily replied, “We had to serve our “premium passengers” first, and you don’t have enough miles so you get second choice.” Obviously this did not go over well with me having forfeited 30,000 miles for my upgrade. I had a similar incident on the same carrier only this time it was for a fully fare First Class ticket and man was this Diva ticked off. So much so I wrote to the airline and they sent me a First Class upgrade certificate on any flight. Still left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak.

These are just a few of the WordPress plug-ins you can use to link your Twitter account and your blog. More cross-traffic means more readers and more followers. And every reader and follower has a friend, right? Once you get the ball rolling, it gets easier to get your message out. WordPress and Twitter are natural allies. Combined, they give you more power to reach a greater audience.

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Website Vs Blog – Which Is Easier And Cheaper To Setup

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